An overview of this API.

DeBounce is a web service that provides an API for email verification and list cleaning. The Debounce API allows developers to integrate email verification into their applications and websites, helping to ensure that the email addresses they collect are valid and deliverable.

The API works by taking an email address and checking it against various tools, databases, and algorithms to determine whether it is valid, invalid, or risky. It can detect and correct typos, syntax errors, and other issues that can cause emails to bounce or be marked as spam.

DeBounce's enterprise-grade cloud-based email verification and data enrichment solution is compatible with all programming languages.


The real-time lookup API offered by DeBounce is an excellent solution for applications that require instant email address verification, such as account registration workflows. With a single endpoint, this API is easy to integrate into your production application, requiring minimal resources and effort.

To ensure ease of use and simplicity, our team has designed the API to be accessible via the GET method. This decision streamlines the integration process, allowing developers to quickly and efficiently incorporate email verification into their applications.

So, the real-time lookup API from provides a reliable, user-friendly solution for real-time email verification needs. By leveraging this powerful tool, developers can improve the quality of their applications and enhance user experiences.


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